Bonan Li is an independent fashion designer who views clothing as a contemplative space, abstracting people’s bodies, breaking down the boundaries of gender, and deconstructing social power hierarchies. She pursued her education in fashion design at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and furthered her studies at Parsons The New School. Dedicated to creating cross-cultural works centered around themes of self-identity exploration and cultural investigation, she has accumulated diverse experiences in the fashion industry with companies such as WE WERE ONCE FIENDS, DION LEE, MELITTA BAUMEISTER, and ROSEMOO. Bonan Li has been recognized for her contributions, being selected as a finalist in the Transmission Project, the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum Exhibition, and receiving the prestigious 21st China Fashion Design Associate Top Ten Fashion Designers Award.

Bonan Li is currently immersed in experimenting with a system known as ‘PoemSpace,’ a cross-disciplinary endeavor involving fashion design, design technology, and architecture. This project aims to explore the recognition and awareness of individuality, facilitating the reconnection of people’s physical bodies to their consciousness, both personally and societally. PoemSpace embodies dynamic variability and energetic flow, serving as a prototype for evoking reflective awareness in the post-pandemic era. Bonan harbors a profound interest in multi-functional materiality, nature-inspired organic forms, and multidisciplinary design.

She believes that clothes have the power to reflect people’s inner essence and foster deeper connections with their surroundings. Each garment possesses a soul that aligns with the wearer’s authentic individuality and the interconnectedness among all living beings.